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Graham Briggs | Graham Briggs is a proven winner, who brings vast experience and huge determination to the team. Victory in last season’s gruelling Ryedale GP, achieved in appalling conditions, provided a timely reminder of his ferocious desire. A former national criterium champion, who enjoyed two successful seasons with Team Raleigh in 2012 and 2013, ‘Brigga’ returns to the Cherie Pridham Racing fold with yet more experience and a host of prestigious victories on his palmares.

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Ed Clancy | Ed Clancy is a triple Olympic champion, six-time world champion and five-time European champion in the team pursuit. A former national criterium champion, and triumphant in last year’s Herald Sun Tour prologue, Clancy’s road pedigree is equally impressive. A leader by example, he is able to inspire his young team-mates as much by his professionalism, as his achievements. Clancy’s talent and demeanour are likely to prove vital assets to Cherie Pridham in 2019, both on the bike and off. 

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Liam Davies | Liam Davies has been retained by Cherie Pridham after an impressive first senior campaign last year. In the Tour de Yorkshire, he showed his deep-rooted determination, racing at times beyond the protection of the convoy. Further, his willingness to learn could be seen in continually improving performances throughout the Tour Series, culminating with 12th place in the final round in Salisbury. Davies’ total commitment to training in the off-season offers further evidence of a young man in a hurry.

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Joe Holt | Joe Holt joins the team with impressive credentials. Schooled in British Cycling’s Olympic Academy, he more than justified his place inside “the medal factory” by winning the U23 European Team Pursuit title twice. Still only 21, the Welshman is part of golden generation of Welsh cycling talent and eager to establish himself on the road, after such an impressive early career on the track. Holt is among the most glittering of Pridham’s rising stars.

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Adam Kenway | Adam Kenway has two specialisms, both demanding a resilience to pain. As a former national hill climb champion, Kenway has reached the pinnacle of a discipline that is arguably cycling’s most demanding. He is also a breakaway specialist, a calling that demands lung-busting efforts to ride clear of the peloton, and a willingness to suffer for hour after hour, if the strategy is to succeed. Kenway’s taste for “going deep” is is a valuable asset to Cherie Pridham’s team.

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Dylan Kerfoot-Robson | Dylan Kerfoot-Robson is living proof that Welsh cycling is in rude health. A former national road race and cross-country mountain bike champion, he helped deliver compatriot Jon Mould to the silver medal at last year’s Commonwealth Games. A rider of obvious pedigree, but still developing, Kerfoot-Robson has found the perfect environment at Vitus Pro Cycling Team, powered by Brother UK, with a vastly experienced manager in Cherie Pridham to call upon, and some very accomplished team-mates.

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Chris Latham | Chris Latham is regarded by many in the know as the fastest finisher in Britain. A bronze medal winner on the track for Team England at last year’s Commonwealth Games, Latham remains a rider of huge potential, despite bringing experience as well as talent to Vitus Pro Cycling Team, powered by Brother UK. With such strength in depth assembled by Cherie Pridham for 2019, Latham will not lack team-mates strong enough to lead him out.

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Mikey Mottram | A former rower who has turned to cycling with impressive speed, Mikey Mottram finished the 2018 campaign ranked third by British Cycling among all elite British riders. A grafter prepared to go deep in all-or-nothing breakaways, but capable also of seizing victory when the opportunity is presented, Mottram brings versatility and desire to Cherie Pridham’s team. Eager to make the most of such a valuable opportunity, Mottram is unlikely to squander his promotion to the professional ranks. 

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Freddie Scheske | Freddie Scheske’s victory at the Winchester Criterium provided final evidence of a fast-developing talent ready to join a professional team. Last year, the young German fashioned his breakthrough season almost single-handed, combining studies at Exeter University with solo trips hundreds of miles north to compete in rounds of the Elite Circuit Series. His powerful physique suggests the strength to lead out Cherie Pridham’s more experienced riders, and perhaps even to pursue victory, should the opportunity present itself.

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Ali Slater | Ali Slater is the professional’s professional. After coming so close to winning the opening stage of the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire, Slater gained a long overdue victory on the final stage of Kreiz Breizh Elites. A graduate of British Cycling’s Olympic Academy, and schooled by the legendary Sean Kelly in the early stages of his professional career, Slater is the rider who first springs to mind when Cherie Pridham’s 2019 squad is described as one with strength in depth.

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Tim Torrie | Tim Torrie endured a baptism of fire in 2018, his first campaign as a senior rider. Recruited by Cherie Pridham as a teenager with significant potential, Torrie’s neo-pro campaign collided with his final year of A-level studies. Nevertheless, Pridham saw enough in him to offer a place in a vastly strengthened squad in 2019. Powerful and determined on the bike, intelligent and articulate off it, Torrie will do his utmost to justify Pridham’s continued faith.

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Red Walters | Red Walters is a young rider of significant potential, eager to make the most of the rare opportunity granted to him by Cherie Pridham. His good humour off the bike, obvious from his social media posts, belies a determined character focussed on maximising his potential. A successful final year as a junior has provided a spring board to a UCI Continental team, and a beginning to life in the elite ranks that most riders can only dream of.