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Wahoo Fitness makes 'simply powerful' fitness technology, powered by class-leading Bluetooth 4.0 sensors to generate sophisticated, but easily understood training data.

"Whether it’s a ProTeam, or Joe Public, we want to make faster, fitter, smarter athletes. We want to make tech that’s as simple as possible, and that is simply powerful enough to capture any kind of metric that they might want to record." - Rowley Clifford, Marketing Manager, Wahoo UK

PRESS RELEASE | A hands-on partnership 

Evidence for the hands-on relationship enjoyed by Vitus Pro Cycling Team, powered by Brother UK with Wahoo could be found on the roads of Calpe, where brand representatives rode out with the team each day of their training camp.

“I’m delighted that the relationship between Vitus Pro Cycling Team, powered by Brother UK and Wahoo will continue into a second year,” said team owner and manager Cherie Pridham.

“Wahoo’s products speak for themselves – the Wahoo KICKR direct drive trainer and Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS computer are widely recognised as market leaders – and the support we receive from the guys in their London office is exemplary.” Read the full press release here

BRAND INTERVIEW | Rowley Clifford

“We’re part of a global brand, of course, but we’re under the skin of the UK racing scene, and we want people to associate us with the dedication and hard work of the guys from Vitus Pro Cycling Team, powered by Brother UK.”

Rowley Clifford, Wahoo UK's marketing manager, is a cyclist, first and foremost, but also a well-informed observer of the cycle industry, and specifically of the fitness tech market. His insights into Wahoo's exponential growth, a philosophy of product development rooted in simplicity, and the emerging landscape of digital racing are worth sharing. Enjoy this detailed interview

SPONSOR INTERVIEW | Stephen Shawmarsh-Smith

Stephen Shawmarsh-Smith began life with Wahoo by single-handedly manning the company's customer service operation. Now, with the support of a small, but effective team operating from an office in London overlooking the River Thames, he is able to support the riders of Vitus Pro Cycling Team, powered by Brother UK. 

Enjoy this insight into the varied and engaging world of an industry insider, told his own words. Learn how the professional approaches the challenge of learning new equipment with a different mindset to the consumer, and why Cherie Pridham’s 2019 squad, up to and including triple Olympic champion Ed Clancy, is a pleasure to work with. 


Wahoo's exponential growth has taken it from small, Atlanta-based fitness tech start-up to global player in less than ten years. Little wonder then that Vitus Pro Cycling Team, powered by Brother UK would seek such an influential partner. 

At our training camp in Calpe, our riders shared the road with representatives from Wahoo's London office, gaining direct and immediate guidance on the functionality of the flagship ELEMNT BOLT computer. 

From the coastal resort of Calpe, to Valenciana's mountainous interior, Wahoo UK's Rowley Clifford and Stephen Shawmarsh-Smith recorded hundreds of kilometres alongside Cherie Pridham's men in red, offering tutorials from the saddle and gathering valuable feedback. Enjoy this gallery of images from our service course and training camp.

Laptop, MacBook Air, iPhone, small computer, shot from above

ONLINE SHOP | uk.wahoofitness.com

"Wahoo has grown rapidly to become one of the biggest players in the markets for indoor training hardware and GPS bike computers, and now commands a seat at the sport’s top table."