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Presca Teamwear is an ethical teamwear brand, headquartered in Teesside, producing cycle clothing in the UK from sustainably sourced materials, including recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles.

"We set out to be a brand who are doing things right, for the right reasons. We firmly stand by the ethics of sustainable manufacture, which are embedded in the company.” - Rob Webbon, Founder and CEO, Presca Teamwear

PRESS RELEASE | A values-based partnership 

A unique collaboration between Vitus Pro Cycling Team, powered by Brother UK, and Presca Teamwear, founded in a values-based approach to racing, will showcase Presca’s sustainable team kit, and demonstrate that clothing made from recycled materials can meet the challenge of professional cycling.

“Presca Teamwear is an ideal partner for our values-based approach to professional cycling,” said team owner and manager Cherie Pridham.

“By creating advanced apparel from sustainable materials, Presca Teamwear exemplifies our own commitment to responsible racing, in every aspect. Presca’s use of recycled materials to create clothing of a standard fit for our elite athletes is also a clear demonstration of our shared belief in innovation.”


"For someone with a lifelong love of the outdoors, and a career spent almost entirely in trying to protect the environments he cherishes so deeply, Rob Webbon can look upon 2019 with optimism. Presca’s partnership with Cherie Pridham’s team is the ultimate validation of its ethical stance."

Enjoy our in-depth brand interview with Presca Teamwear's CEO and founder, Robert Webbon, in which we explore his passions, motivations and insights into environmental sustainability, gained from academic training, a former career lasting nearly 20 years as a consultant and, most recently, as the driving force in a brand determined "to do things right, for the right reasons." 


Pete Lillie, Presca Teamwear's Co-founder and Commercial Director, is a man able to describe in detail the value to a young clothing brand of partnership with a professional cycling team.

In a revealing interview, Lillie describes his initial concerns regarding the breadth of Presca Teamwear's role in the partnership, and his delight in the hands-on approach adopted by team owner and manager Cherie Pridham, that has made Presca a technical partner in the truest sense.

Gain a detailed insight into how a brand can accelerate its product development, as well as raise its profile by working with professional athletes, by clicking on the 'Read More' button below. 

PHOTO GALLERY | Presca Teamwear

Presca Teamwear makes leading-edge, technical cycle clothing in the UK from sustainable materials, including recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets. 

Robert Webbon, Presca Teamwear's founder and CEO, is an environmental scientist with nearly 20 years experience as a consultant, and a lifelong love of cycling. 

Pete Lilley, co-founder and Commercial Director, ensures that a sustainable business can also be profitable by embedding sustainable practice in every operation. 

A headquarters in Teesside is another essential component of the Presca story. A strong relationship with the local business community and with Teesside University has helped to drive the brand forwards.

ONLINE SHOP | The PRO range kit

"The Presca Pro Range is like nothing else on the market. Cutting-edge sustainable fabrics combine with superior design for speed and aerodynamic performance in the real world. All of the eco fabrics have been carefully identified and tested to support the requirements of a top-flight cycle racing team."