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Mavic Cosmic Ultimate helmet | Reviewed by Tim Torrie

Mavic Cosmic Ultimate helmet | Reviewed by Tim Torrie

The Mavic Cosmic Ultimate helmet is among the higher-end models currently in circulation. It marries a cool and traditional aesthetic, one that ensures you don’t look out of place at any level of cycling, with an incredibly comfortable feel.  

The first time I rode in a Mavic Cosmic Ultimate helmet, I was amazed, as I could hardly feel it on my head. This lightweight, 230g lid is a great addition to the kit bag of any rider, and although the price tag is unlikely to break the bank, it is perhaps among the more expensive helmets on the market. Readers will decide for themselves what value they place on a lightweight, comfortable, well ventilated and easily adjustable helmet. 

Racing cyclist in red jersey, red helmets and black shorts, riding a black bicycle

The various technologies and innovations that have gone into the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate helmet are evident upon use. The Ergo Hold SL retention system for example makes it easy to find a secure and comfortable attachment and adapt the helmet to fit your head perfectly, with its superb degree of adjustability.

The pads in the helmet remove sweat effectively and I rarely found perspiration dripping down from my head, despite numerous long rides in the heat of an exceptional summer (also helped by the very cool flow of air generated by the multitude of vents). These pads are also very easy to use and wash, ensuring that you don’t have a stinking helmet.

Washing the outer surface of the helmet is straightforward, although after a long and rainswept race it can be difficult to remove dirt from some of the smaller vents. A little hard work to restore the lid to pristine condition is a fair exchange for the superb ventilation, however. The straps, which appeared to become discoloured and darkened once used in grisly weather, also require some effort to keep in top condition.  

The multitude of vents makes for a cool ride; in fact, this helmet is perhaps the coolest I have ever used. The extra visibility offered - firstly by Mavic’s signature bright yellow (or red, as is the case with my helmet) and secondly the addition of reflective strips - ensures you will be spotted out on the roads, adding some valuable reassurance in an age where traffic is increasingly a concern for cyclists. It would perhaps be useful for these strips to be used on more parts of the helmet, increasing visibility still further.

Racing cyclist, red jersey and helmet, black shorts and black bike, riding on tree-lined road.

The positioning of the frontal vents of the helmet is perfect for inserting wraparound sunglasses, while still lending the rider a stylish appearance. The helmet also accommodates a race cap/casquette. Only a few clicks of the Ergo SL dial adjustment were required to comfortably fit the cap under the helmet.

The supplied helmet bag is another plus and a useful addition for any racer or travelling cyclist as it keeps the lid in its own little space; perhaps adding some form of protection to the bag would be a further improvement. Damage to the helmet in transit is a genuine concern for the racer, but also useful simply for the storage of the equipment.

The helmet's branding is not especially noticeable, making it subtle or hard to distinguish, depending on your taste or experience. The colours will be a giveaway for those aware of Mavic's proud heritage, even if for someone new to the sport, the low-key branding might make it difficult to identify the manufacturer. Larger logos might even enhance an already stylish lid.

All things considered, the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate helmet is a very good product and one of the most comfortable lids I have ever worn. The use of numerous vents makes it stand out from the helmets of rival manufacturers, aesthetically as well as in the stricter terms of performance. The Mavic Cosmic Ultimate helmet is a product easy to recommend to cyclists of all levels.


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